Investing in the future of education

FastAcademy uses learning technologies and curated content to provide educational support to South African students. We aim to break down the barriers to accessing quality content and tuition so as to level the educational playing field.

FastMaths Online is a carefully curated set of  mathematics content to assist South African students with their exam preparation.


  • Our content is aligned with the CAPS syllabus
  • Includes material that has undergone rigorous testing and has been developed by certified professionals.

Aweza is a language augmentation tool that aims to assist students learning content in their second language with definitions and vocabulary support.

  • Quickly understand the terminology in the content by clicking on words you don’t know
  • Multilingual Glossaries
  • Terminology Management System & API


Live Workshops

Our live workshops aim to provide an affordable way to access additional mathematics tution. Currently only available in Cape Town.

  • Revision workshops providing students with an opportunity to get exam ready.
  • Theory workshops covering the techniques and content student need to master
  • Terminology Management System & API