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What we Do


South Africa has some critical failures when it comes to educating our future leaders. FastAcademy aims to provide support to students by focusing on accessibility and content quality.

We utilise a no-tech to high-tech approach to enable schools, teachers and parents with quality mathematics tuition and language support.

We develop in-house language augmentation technology (Aweza) to assist with accessibility and ensure that language is not the hinderance to learning.

Meet The Team

We are a group of passionate change-makes working to realise the FastAcademy vision of breaking down the barriers to access of quality education in emerging markets.

Farrel Strul

Chief Education Officer

Farrel employs his Business Science Finance Honours degree and successful entrepreneurship track record with a passion for education and two decades of teaching experience, to bring real learning to students across the socio-economic spectrum.

Nathan Burstein

MD of FastAcademy

Nathan leads the team and digital strategy of FastAcademy. He spends his time ensuring the company runs smoothly whilst we achieving the companies technological goals.

Glenn Stein

MD of Aweza

Glenn is passionate about technology and social development in Africa, and since early 2011 he has been focused on cultivating his skills in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership through building Aweza up into a multi-tenanted sustainable driver of positive change in society.